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How long will the project take?
Each project will differ.  Every project will have an estimated completion date.  I like to devote ample time to each project to ensure quality workmanship! And of course, I cannot control Mother Nature!

Will there be a dumpster sitting outside my home?
Only if absolutely necessary.  Mostly just for very large projects that require a lot of

Who is responsible for final clean up?

I will ALWAYS be responsible for ALL clean up!

Do I need to do anything special to prepare my house for this project?

All expectations will be detailed in a contract.


Do you give free estimates and can you provide references?
Absolutely!  Free estimates are provided, and I can provide references upon request.

Do I need a permit and, if so, am I responsible for obtaining it?
A permit is not always required.  This depends on the laws of your township.  If one is required, I will submit the necessary documentation to the township to obtain the permit.

What type of warranty is provided?
Materials are subject to manufacturer’s warranty.
Workmanship – I always provide 1 year

Do you do your own work or do you subcontract?

I do 95% of all work.  No one can be the best at everything!
Any subcontractors will be held to the highest of standards and I will ultimately be responsible for their workmanship.  References of subcontractors will be provided upon request.

Do you do your own design work?
Yes.  I will work with you to design a project to fit the needs of the homeowner.  For larger projects there may be a fee.

Are you a licensed contractor in PA and do you have insurance?

Yes.  License #PA005845. Yes, I am insured.



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